Access Oxford Inc.

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Board of Directors

President - Mark Giles

Resident of Oxford for 47 years. Served in the US Navy as an MP and Cook. Currently works as an Oxford School custodian.

Clerk - Tristan Kippax

Resident of Oxford for 13 years. Volunteer/Producer with AO since 2009, AO Board member since 2012. Currently works as a Registered Nurse (RN).

Director - Carol Kuzdzal

Resident of Oxford for 45 years. Previous experience with customer service (15-20 yrs), woman club (8-9 yrs) and teacher’s aide for hearing impaired students (4yrs).

Director - Lois Halley

Resident of Oxford for 29 years. Previous retail management experience (8 yrs). Retired public school teacher (35 yrs).

Director - Anthony Kuzdzul

Resident of Oxford for 45 years. Retired US navy/ coastguard veteran. Retired international credit manager (40 yrs).

Director - Robert Keogh

Resident of Oxford, off and on, since 1954. Graduate of Oxford High and Memphis State University. Retired US Navy Vietnam Veteran. Currently works as a Union Carpenter and is a Member of I.A.T.S.E.